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  • How do I get in without paying a cover?
    By getting on the Guest List you get in for the least cost as possible. Usually its free entry and a separte line from General Admission.
  • What's the dresscode for males?
    The dresscode can vary between clubs but if you want to be on the safe side I reccomend collared shirt and dress shoes. Jeans are ok but not super baggy or an insane amount of holes. No nightclub will let you in with shorts unless its a Nightswim or Pool Party.
  • How long is the Guest List Line?
    The Guest List Line times can vary just know that the later it gets the longer the line. If you dont want to wait its best to come as early to opening time as possible. When you walk up to the club you may see General Line, Ticket Line, Table Line and Guest List Line just be sure to hop in the correct line cause some times the ticket line can be longer than Guest List.
  • What time do the Nightclubs close?
    Most Nightclubs close around 4 am depending on business levels, if the club is still packed and bottles are still poppin then the venue will remain open until more guest leave. There is no set closing time.
  • What time do Pool Parties close?
    Most Pool Parties close around 5:30pm depending on business levels, if the Pool Party is still packed and bottles are still poppin then the venue will remain open until more guest leave. There is no set closing time they just need to close between day and night because they have to clean, if the night guest have access to pool deck area.
  • What happens after I fill out Guest List form?
    Once you fill out the Guest List form you will reviece a confirmation email. If you have any questions you can email or text and well answer any question you may have. If you would rather recieve a text please put that in the notes.
  • What if I am denied entry?
    It depends on why you were denied entry. Some times guest dont realize there is a security check and they search ur pockets and bags and if you have illegal contents they will deny you entry and usually trespass you from coming back on property. In this case you have to leave and not come back until you can get the trespass lifted. If you get denied due to dresscode you can simply go change and come back. Another reason you might get denied is proper I.D. If you do not have government I.D. the club can not let you in. In that case if you cant get proper I.D. you won't be able to get in what so ever. They are pretty strict about that. An expired id and the paper from DMV showing you renewed it will work.
  • What do I do after I book a table?
    Once you book a table you will recieve a confirmation email and also instructions. Majority of the time you will be instructed to go through the table line where a host will grab your info and match it to your book and from there a table runner will take you to your where table where the cocktail will be waiting to take your bottle/drink order.
  • How do I get a Birthday presentation?
    Please put in the notes if you would like a Birthday Presentation so we can arrange it.
  • What’s the catch for free Guest List?
    There’s no catch clubs want the business so they pay promoters to help fill the club. You have to remember some of these venues fit 4,000 people. So they pay promoters to bring them guest you dont have to pay promoters for Guest List. However Table Service does cost.
  • What does a independent promotion company get for doing this?
    We get paid by the club they either pay out per Table we sell or per person that we get into the club (guest must check in on our Guest List). If you're interested in becoming a promoter in Vegas please reach out to us with any questions.
  • Does a promoter walk us in?
    For Guest List you will enter on your own thru the Guest List line but for club packages/club crawl you will have hosted entry by one of our promoters or myself. Please reach out to us with any questions regarding Hosted Entry.
  • How many people can I sign up on Guest List?
    You can sign up as many as you want. Let’s say it’s a group of 4 people and you’re coming together as one group then we just need 1 name plus how many in the group (example john smith +4) but if it’s a big group 6 or more then it’s best to give extra names in case you get split up or in Guest List line. For any group bigger than 6 please send us a couple names.
  • Can I be denied entry if I’m on the Guest List?
    Yes if you’re not in dress code or have proper id or you're drunk then you will be denied entry. The club holds all rights.
  • Will I be free on the Guest List?
    99% of the time Guest List is free. However if it’s a holiday weekend, big dj or the club is close to capacity then the club will not honor Guest List, the club holds all rights.
  • What time should we arrive if we’re on the Guest List?
    It’s best to arrive closes to when the club opens for Nightclub that would be 10pm and for Dayclubs that’s 12pm on Fri n Sun and 11am on Saturdays.
  • What time should we arrive if we have VIP Bottle Service?
    Pre-Paid Table: 1. Suggested arrival time 10-11 *If you need to arrive later make sure to coordinate with us* 2. When you arrive make sure everyone is together & ready to enter together to expedite the entry process. (If anyone is late, let me know so I can assist with their entry.) 3. Find the Table Reservation Line let us know as soon as u hop in table line. This is the fastest way to check in & you don’t need to Tip to bypass this it’s pretty quick. 4. The person who paid for the Table must be present with the CC used to purchase the table. + Everyone must have a Valid Non-Expired Government Issued ID. 6. You will be searched at the door. No Weapons, Pills, Drugs or food allowed. (Sealed Cig Packs & Sealed Cigars Ok) *If you have any other questions about other things not allowed or Dress Code PLEASE ASK!
  • What line should we go through if we have a table?
    Every club has a specific line for VIP Tables. Make sure everyone in the group had proper id and is in Dresscode. Every club has security check and you will be searched upon entry. NOT ALLOWED: Drugs, Weapons, Pills/Medicine, selfie sticks, any food or drinks or water bottles.
  • What’s line should we use if we’re on the Guest List ?
    There will be a line marked Guest List. This is the line you want to use. Every club has security check and you will be searched upon entry. NOT ALLOWED: Drugs, Weapons, Pills/Medicine, selfie sticks, any food or drinks or water bottles.
  • Do I need id to get in?
    Yes, you will need a government issued id to get in. If it’s expired it will work as long as you have the paper saying you renewed it and are just waiting on the new id to come. Clubs are in the Hotel/Casino so proper id is a must.
  • What clubs are 18+?
    In Vegas theres not many options for 18+ venues. I would sugget Area 15 or a stripclub.
  • Why do Vegas Clubs require id?
    Most clubs are in Casino/Hotel and Casinos are manager by the Gaming Commission and in order to be in the Hotel with gaming you must be 21+. The only exception is if a minor is walking thru the Casino so they can get to the Rooms but even then they are not allowed to stop in the Casino area.
  • How much does Guest List cost?
    Guest List is a free service you shouldn’t pay anyone to put you on the Guest List. If you meet someone on the Las Vegas Strip that ask for a Tip to get on the Guest List then they are most likely street hustlers and do not work directly for the club. All legit Promoters are registered with The Gaming Commission.
  • What are the most popular nightclubs in Las Vegas?
    Some of the most popular nightclubs in Las Vegas include XS, Hakkasan, Omnia, Marquee, Drai's, and TAO. These venues regularly host world-renowned DJs and offer unforgettable nightlife experiences.
  • What is the dress code for Vegas nightclubs?
    Most clubs in Vegas have a strict dress code, which generally includes upscale fashionable attire. For men, this means collared shirts, dress shoes, and no athletic wear or hats. For women, cocktail dresses, dressy skirts, or upscale club attire is appropriate. Avoid wearing athletic wear, flip-flops, or hats. It's always best to check a specific club's dress code beforehand. .
  • How do I get on the guest list for a Vegas nightclub?
    Guest lists often provide free or discounted entry to a nightclub. To get on a guest list, visit this website and fill out Guest List form or contact us directly at 210-388-1020. Keep in mind that being on the guest list doesn't guarantee entry, and you'll still need to arrive early to avoid long wait times.
  • How much do Vegas nightclub tickets typically cost?
    Ticket prices for nightclubs can vary based on factors like the club, event, and artist performing. On average, expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $100 for a general admission ticket. Prices may be higher during special events or holidays. Contact us first to get details for a specific party.
  • What is bottle service, and how much does it cost?
    Bottle service is a premium experience offered by many Vegas nightclubs, where you reserve a private table or booth and receive personalized service from a dedicated server. Bottle service typically includes the purchase of one or more bottles of alcohol and mixers. Prices for bottle service can range from $500 to $5,000+ depending on the club, table location, and the event.

What We Do

Getting you into the club is our job! Let us guild you through the various parties on the Las Vegas Strip. Whether you're looking for Nightclub, Pool Party, or Stripclub we got you covered. Getting on the Guest List can help with fast entry as well as free entry. Many people make the mistake of buying presale tickets (we do sell presale tickets also) but theyaren'tt really needed unless it's a holiday weekend but even then most clubs will still have Guest List.  

Getting on the Guest List can save you the cover charge and is completely free to get on. FreeVegasGuestList goes above and beyond to make your trip unforgettable. Were available every night and well into the early morning. We also do hosted entry for most of the venues on the strip. Hosted entry gets you walked in past the general line for a small fee (Holiday weekends vary). Being on the Guest List means you can use the dedicated Guest List lines located at the main entrance to the club.


Ask us about which clubs do a Ladies Open Bar from 11 pm-12 am. Some Clubs do promotions where ladies will receive an hour of an open bar along with free entry. 

Three options you have for getting into the Club or Pool Party.


1. Bottle service - Prices vary depending on which venue you are looking to get into but typically you can expect to pay 700 per 5-6 people. With that you can get a table for the night with mixer and a cocktail server (this does not include tip tax and any fees the club may charge).

2. Guest List - Guest List might be the easiest and less costly way to get into the club. Most Guest List lines will be separate from the General Admission Line and free of charge for men and women before a certain time (usually 1 am depending on who's djing). Guest List will usually offer free drink tickets for ladies or open bar for an hour depending on which venue.

3. General Admission/Presale tickets - This option isn't my favorite because sometimes you pay a cover when you didn't need to and thats anywhere from 50+ for gents and 20+ for ladies this also will not give you and free drinks or special perks.

Nightclubs dos and donts
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